STYLE GURU STYLE: Keep Calm And Cardigan On

As I ventured back into the bitter cold of the North for #SB2K15, the Burberry Prorsum pre-fall 2015 runway show understood my need for warmth and spring joy at the same time. This line features a range of cardigans and jackets that are trendy styles and colors for the season, as well as paired with vibrant colors to step into a bolder look. Handbags are also essential to the line, showing that class and warmth can be achieved simultaneously through this winter-spring we’re having this year. Sometimes you’re just not in the mood to don a heavy jacket, and this line shows the versatile options you have in cardigan form.

Cardigans aren’t just for the fall and winter seasons. In the spring and summer, you can find them in a range of bright colors and thin materials. They can be short sleeve or long sleeve, and as creative as you’d like. With the weather this year, it’s no doubt that I’ve had to keep wearing my winter cardigan after the official mark of spring. Black is my staple color in the winter, so another way to jazz up a winter style for the spring season is by layering something bright or patterned underneath with the same amount of springy cheer.

I decided to pair my thick, cozy, black cardigan over a playful pink and black tank top that embodies some spring-like aura. It brightens up the ensemble just enough to make you forget that it is below 30 degrees with a strong wind chill outside. It’s a textured cardigan, which adds some chic to it. The back of the cardigan cuts off right above the derriere, so rocking a great pair of denim is essential to the look! My classic brown riding boots are light enough not to clash with the black cardigan, and even brighten up the outfit more. A simple initial necklace is just enough accessorizing with the textures and patterns throughout the outfit. My beige Marc Jacobs handbag completes the look with enough brightness as a great contrast. Hopefully the next time I’m writing for you guys, I’ll be able to wear flip flops and sundresses, but until then, keep calm and cardigan on.

How To: 1. A spring-colored shirt. 2. A textured, black cardigan. 3. A trendy handbag.