STYLE GURU STYLE: Kaleidoscope of Color

Fall is quickly approaching and I’m beginning to get excited for all the trends that come with it (and, I’ll admit, pumpkin spice lattes too). However, as I’ve started shopping for the upcoming season, I can’t help but feel down as I walk into stores filled with dark purples, reds, browns and blacks. It’s still August after all, so why should I add these dark colors to my closet just yet? Until the weather drops below sixty degrees, I’m going to squeeze as much color as I can out of summer!

Andrew Gn showed off hot summer style in his spring 2015 ready-to-wear runway show. The show opened with a black-and-white wrap coat, but then took a drastic turn as vivid, colorful ensembles danced down the runway for the rest of the show. The vibrant florals and bright accents were inspired by Monet’s famous water lily masterpieces, Asia and the ’80s design movement, Memphis. Gn combined these vastly different inspirations together into a striking, chic collection that could easily beat any future cold weather blues.

Similar, though more casual, to the many extravagant gowns seen in Gn’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear show, I began my look with a neon floral print skater dress. The bold yellow and the colorful kaleidoscope floral print scream summer. I then threw on an oversized denim button-down to make my look more casual. I added colorful boho bracelets to pull the colors of my outfit together. However, I chose to wear white wedges and a simple white statement necklace to prevent the bright colors from being too overbearing. Balance is necessary when wearing all the colors of the rainbow!

Your wardrobe doesn’t have to go to the dark side just because stores are starting to bring out fall clothes! Summer is still in full swing, so don’t be afraid to rock an outfit filled with bold, vivid colors this week!

Get My Look: 1. Neon patterned dress. 2. Colorful boho bracelets. 3. White wedges.