STYLE GURU STYLE: Just Wangin' it

June is in the air! With summer being upon us, it is the perfect time to bring out our floppy hats. Although it has been raining and chilly in New York City for a couple of days, nothing will stop me from showing off my style to the world! My outfit features random pieces which are both stylish and warm. These items are indeed suitable for the weather. Dressing however you feel while throwing random pieces together is the key for an eccentric style.

We all have the freedom to dress how we want, when we want, no matter what others think of us. Haters are going to hate, right?  Fashion should never be looked down upon. We are definitely surrounded by amazing designers, celebrities and ourselves when wearing what we desire. It is all about having fun, experimenting and appreciating other people’s art.

My hat tops off my outfit by giving it a cool, chill with a kick of positive vibes. Hats are definitely perfect for the summer days when walking around the city or accessorizing your outfits. It is also perfect for hiding your hair when it does not want to cooperate or when running late for errands, school or job.  Hats are fashionable and adorable. Who does not like wearing hats? Hats are perfect from protecting you from the sun, rain or breezy wind. Many people are afraid to try hats on because they believe they cannot “pull off” the look. There are numerous amounts of hats for every individual. They just need to know how to shop for the correct one.

To top everything, my outfit is a combination of different items. Wearing my black leather jacket with my jersey mesh top gives my outfit an interesting take while pairing it with my cut out ankle boots. My busted knee jeans casually helps balance my style by giving it a pop of blue. Altogether, my floppy hat is the reason for completing a chill, cool, casual and sporty outfit. Just make sure the hat works, fits and goes right with your frame and you will be set.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Do not be afraid to combine different items or prints together. Have fun with it and enjoy it while it last. Also, you must try to wear hats. Do not bail out, even if you think hats are not your thing, it will not harm you if you try it once.  Hats and fashion in general is about confidence in yourself.”