School is finally here. Freshman struggling to find classes, Fashionistas like me struggling to fit a heaps of clothes in a narrow closet. Fun times. I will say with this outfit in particular, I swam outside my comfort zone a little. I am no sneaker head. I’ve just had quite the infatuation with them more recently. Runway spring 2015 got a little taste of urban when Creatures of Comfort presented their looks. High-top Converse assisted the old school chill vibe. Loose, lightweight pants probably gave the models a comfortable stroll down the runway. I’m from the south so the cowboy hats were all too familiar.

I’m showing Old Navy much love this week. Both the white tank top and olive harem like pants are from the store. Whenever I walk in somewhere to shop, you can bet that I’m going straight to the back to see what the sale rack looks like. This day, the clearance section was treating me quite well. They were both under ten dollars! The floral bomber jacket is from Gap surprisingly. I’ve noticed that Gap does frequently venture outside their reputation for basic, well made garments. You just won’t find many items like this at any given time. I’m glad I caught the urban wave while it was available.

The sneakers are a limited addition release of the ZX Flux shoe from adidas. These shoes are embedded with XENO, a reflective technology that reacts to extreme light. When active, the best way I can explain the difference is to say the shoe appears to be powering up in a sense. This cool technology is commonly found in active wear like wind breakers or running shoes. Midnight runs in these bad boys are no problem. One flash of headlights from a passing car and everyone from the driver to the neighborhood deer will see you!

By the way, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed my new haircut. I wanted something sharp and clean. So I cut it even shorter! Isn’t it rad?

Get My Look: 1. Floral bomber jacket. 2. Harem pants 3. Cool sneakers