STYLE GURU STYLE: Join the G-Force

If you know anything about high fashion, you know that Gigi Hadid is basically dominating the fashion industry completely on her own. Okay, maybe along with her sis, Bella, and Kendall Jenner—with a little help from Tommy Hilfiger. On the third night of New York Fashion Week in September, Gigi unveiled her highly anticipated fall 2016 ready-to-wear collection that she created with the one-and-only Tommy Hilfiger. The collection still incorporated the beloved original nautical theme but with an incredible Gigi flair that sent fashion fanatics totally frantic.

Because of its casual, cool vibe, I’ve been copying the many looks of this collection ever since Gigi hit the runway with them. Leather pants are always a good idea to pull back out when the weather starts cooling down. There’s no doubt that they add sleekness to any outfit. Several of the other looks in the collection were completed with the ever-popular slip-on sneaker. These are a go-to for an everyday shoe look.

The bandana choker has always been a major key, and when Gigi stepped on the runway adorning one in a similar fashion, the popularity of the bandana trend shot through the roof. I decided to create a necklace that brought the bandana choker trend and Gigi’s fringe bandana together into one with a fringe frayed bandana choker. The best types of fashion come from mixing inspiration from one style with another and making it completely your own. Add a simple strip of bandana to an already trendy bag for an extra flair to incorporate the theme of your outfit. Also like Gigi with the tailored sailor jacket, I topped my outfit off with a utility jacket for an extra hint of edge.

Don’t be afraid to strip the jacket when the fall temperatures warm up mid-day. I chose to integrate the typical Tommy red with this high-neck tank top. Any tank with a tie down the side would work to add just the right amount of femininity to a casual look. The reveling hardware of the tie down the sides adds additional texture for a refined look. You could also opt for Gigi x Tommy’s cropped T-shirt to rock a modern take on the sailor look.

The G-Force is out in full force this fashion season; cop her style and be in on all the trendiest looks this fall!