One of my favorite sayings has always been “simpler is always better.” This saying was clearly seen in the pre-fall 2015 Lanvin fashion show. Lanvin showcased many looks featuring furs and pencil skirts. The furs in the show were beautiful enough to make even PETA want to wear them. Another highlight of the Lanvin show was the emphasis on fabulous and fun jackets. The blazers and jackets added emphasis and closure to each piece making them unique, eccentric and trendy. What made me love these jackets the most was that each one used pattern, color or design to give a seemingly simple look complex. Lanvin proved that keeping it simple, doesn’t mean it has to be boring!

While furs are always fabulous for any look, this week I chose to focus on how to incorporate jackets into any fall or winter look. A simple pair of pants and shirt can always be “funked” up with a cool jacket. For me, I know that I love my washed out vintage Levi’s jacket. It makes any simple day look appropriate for both day and night.

Jackets are great because not only do they keep me warm in the fall, but also they truly make for wonderful wardrobe pieces all year round. Jackets are important pieces to look out for this upcoming fall because major designers are focusing on how to utilize jackets to their full potential. I can almost promise that the simple black boring jacket will be out and the fun, exciting and colorful jacket will be in!

This fall 2015 Lanvin show inspired me to go find more interesting and unique jackets. Maybe one day I will even be lucky enough to own my own Lanvin fur or jacket, but for now I think I will stick with my college budget.

Get My Look: 1. A distressed or bleached jean jacket. 2. A simple black romper. 3. A cool pair of nude pumps.