Now that midterm season is almost in full swing, there are deadlines and exams looming ahead. Everyone is beginning to look a little less put together and a little more like they stayed up until 4 a.m. studying, and woke up 15 minutes before class. This is totally fine, no one can look super remarkable every single day, especially during dead week.

This, of course, includes myself. And so, in my jittery, caffeinated, sleep-deprived state, I’ve chosen a failsafe topic to write on this month. I’m going to write about what I know best: myself! Or, more specifically, my own somewhat arbitrary, slightly off-beat and increasingly comfier wardrobe.

To be stereotypical, as an art student, I’ve never been exactly one to follow popular trends. I tend to lean towards more unique, eye-catching looks. Fashion in and of itself is made up of rules, and like many things, it can make for some pretty interesting situations and outfits if you break them.

My philosophy, so to speak, is to fill your wardrobe with pieces you find interesting or appealing—as opposed to things considered must haves or basics and then a few items you really love—and to construct your outfits out of those beloved articles, even if they don’t always exactly match what you see in Vogue. I guarantee you’ll get some unique looks that are all you.

Of course, I don’t mean never to buy basics or something silly like that—basics can totally be the best—but just, be sure it’s something you really like and will enjoy wearing, rather than something you own only because it’s considered foundation for your wardrobe.

Here, I was feeling like something comfortable and casual, but still cute and eye-catching—essentially something perfect for a day of classes and then an afternoon with friends.

So, I paired a simple maroon A-line skater skirt with an old comfy T-shirt, to create a casual look, while still avoiding something as casual as jeans and a T-shirt. Over this I tossed on an old H&M jacket that I had decorated with patches in high school—the stereotypical art student, always a fan of DIY. I paired the black in the jacket with some comfy black cotton flats from Urban Outfitters, tossed on a few of my favorite necklaces, and viola—a quick and easy, unique look, suited for class, socializing, or errands.