STYLE GURU STYLE: It's Hip to Take the ‘70s Dip

The ‘70s was a time when peace and love were plenty. The country was filled with free spirited people, who were not afraid of expressing who they were or who they wanted to be. They did what they wanted without fear of people judging them. This led to a very interesting, unique and monumental change in the fashion world. The definition of matching began to disappear, and the clashing of busy patterns and vibrant colors became all the rage. Clothes were loose and relaxed to complement society’s new vibe, and the flower always found its way into every look. Even though the ‘70s may not have been the most aesthetically pleasing decade, it was one of the most influential decades in fashion for its risk taking and pride in individuality.

House of Holland’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear runway show expressed this vibe perfectly. House of Holland embraced their inner ‘70s risk taker when pairing multiple loud, busy patterns and colors together to make a line of fun, eye catching looks. Most of their silhouettes were loose fitting, and the floral symbol of the decade was represented in every garment. Something that really stood out about this show was its edgy hints to rock ‘n’ roll with its choker necklaces, dark eye makeup and sunglasses. The edginess of the accessories perfectly complemented the flowy, free spirit vibe of the garments making for a very unique show.

This runway show really inspired me to take some risks myself, and try out some patterns and styles I usually would never have imagined wearing. I embraced the House of Holland’s ‘70s look by wearing a loose fitting dress with flared sleeves and clashing flower patterns. However, instead of choosing to mix bright vibrant colors, I went with darker shades of those colors that blended a little more together because I like to wear darker colors in the winter. I then added a moon charm choker necklace, brown boots and dark makeup. Instead of the dark eye makeup, I chose to wear a dark lip to add a little more color to the look.

Get My Look: 1. Loose fitting, busily patterned dress. 2. Choker necklace. 3. Boots. 4. Dark lip color.