STYLE GURU STYLE: It Speaks For Itself

I recently got a gift from one of my co-workers of a jewelry tray that had a quote from Rachel Zoe on it, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” You have probably seen this all over Pinterest and I usually try to avoid over-using cliché quotes but when I received the tray, I couldn’t help but think that Zoe explained the definition of style to a tee. I have always been a huge believer in wearing the things that truly say who you are. That’s one thing I love about Mara Hoffman; the New Yorker has no trouble in expressing her thoughts through her clothing and that is why I have gotten my inspiration from her fall 2015 ready-to-wear line.

While I can’t actually pinpoint my style, I would have to say I gravitate towards things that have fine tailoring and lately, I am convincing myself to buy more obscure prints. Both of these things are what Mara Hoffman does best. For her fall 2015 collection, she has taken the midi length items to a new level but has added her signature bold prints. In each look, she gives a touch of something unexpected: an unfamiliar neckline, an unordinary jewelry piece or even an over-the-knee boot.

Even though this boot is a trend, there are always so many different ways to interpret trends and create them to be your own. With styling advice from Hoffman’s line, I chose to do these amazing over-the-knee boots paired with a long coat and a printed overlay top. I decided to keep the colors neutral since that is my personal preference but Hoffman usually goes for bright colors that pop. I absolutely love the contrast of the tall boots with the long coat; plus, they’re comfy! Since the outfit really speaks for itself, many accessories aren’t needed but I added a small pendant, a pair of cuff earrings and a clutch to complete the look.

I encourage all of you to take those trends that you love and interpret them in your own way. Be creative with it and add your personal touch to things with no talking required.

Get My Look: 1. Printed top. 2. Rockin’ boots. 3. Long coat.