STYLE GURU STYLE: I’ll Take Some Layers with My Prints

If you’ve ever wondered how the trends that you wear daily appear on the shopping racks that most of us college-aged students wear, it’s because we emulate what big designer’s put out in their fashion shows for the seasons ahead. One show that reminded me of my own personal style would be the alice + olivia pre-fall show for 2015. This designer has always been a favorite of mine because Stacey Bendet elegantly combines multiple trends and produces a look that is classy yet modern and sleek. In this show, you will see the usage of layers in many outfits that were displayed. You can also see that many of the outfits have neutral and black tones but one piece will contain a pattern or print to compliment the neutral-ness of the rest of the outfit.

With that being said, as a person with a college student budget, it’s hard to get any exact look from the runway with those kind of prices, but there are plenty of other designers that are more in reach for us Fashionistas/os. Today I went for a similar look to what this show represents but put on my own personal twist. In many designer’s shows including alice + olivia, I have noticed a trend of mixing different materials incorporated in my outfit shown. I am wearing a cotton-oversized T-shirt with a knitted cardigan and a vintage-style jacket, which I paired with a simple necklace. On the bottom, I have cotton-printed Aztec design and long socks with combat boots.

I enjoy using inspiration from fashion designers that create the trends we sometimes unknowingly wear and also putting my own creative style into the mix of it. Neutrals are always my go-to colors and black tones are, as well. Adding the pop of an exciting print makes the outfit more exciting. Seeing the tribal print in alice + olivia’s show makes me feel better, knowing that I will still have use for that trend in the upcoming season.

Get My Look: 1. Printed leggings 2. Warm, knit cardigan. 3. Vintage-style jacket.