STYLE GURU STYLE: Icy Colors Rule the Winter

The fashion world truly found an incredibly talented designer in Christian Siriano. Many may recognize Siriano’s name from the extravagant gowns celebrities have worn or the beautiful runway shows he’s put on; I, however, was watching intently and rooting for Siriano during the fourth season of the popular TV show Project Runway. His work truly inspired me and ignited my love for high end fashion!

It’s no surprise that Siriano, since winning the show, has gone on to produce high quality, carefully crafted and wonderful pieces of clothing that effortlessly glide along during New York Fashion Week. By far, my favorite runway show of Siriano’s has to be his spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection. This runway show has all of the elements that tell a great story. Siriano’s use of soft and light fabrics, like organza, mixed with hushed icy colors with a little bit of pop truly give this runway show a feeling of elegance and class. The best part about Siriano’s designs? They’re wearable! This collection doesn’t rely on over-the-top designs or shock factors but instead focuses on elements of texture, color and innovation that turn a classic cocktail dress or skirt into a breathtaking piece of art.

Pulling inspiration from my favorite designer, I opted to go with a simpler version of his runway trends. One of my favorite aspects of the runway show was the use and transition of the blues. I especially loved the combination of the long, flared, high-waisted skirt paired with a white top. I decided to recreate this look by incorporating a bright blue flared skirt with a simple crop top. Since it’s winter, I paired this look up with a black top instead of a lighter top featured on the runway show. My shoes are regular black flats that match the pattern on my crop top. Flats usually any outfit feel comfortable and wearable, but still stylish. Lastly I added a warmer color with my kate spade purse. 

The best part about pulling inspiration from the runway is creating your own interpretation of that look. Don’t be scared to mix it up a bit and shy away from the exact looks found on the runway. After all, we create our own runways in life, so wear a look that makes you feel confident!

Get My Look: 1. Blue flared skirt. 2. Black or white crop top. 3. kate spade handbag