STYLE GURU STYLE: I Want To Be Like Kanye

The only thing I love more than Kanye’s music is the fashion empire he has seemed to build overnight. Kanye West has gone from producer to rapper to designer and has held a slew of other titles along the way; it is no exaggeration to say that I’m literally obsessed with him.

His latest collection, the Yeezy fall 2015 line, left me completely enthralled in a world of neutrals, military jackets and combat boots. The color scheme was a minimalist’s dream: green, brown and taupe. There were plenty of flesh-colored tights, military and bomber jackets, snow boots, combat boots and booties. The models themselves were refreshingly diverse; there were various ethnicities, hair textures and a good mix of men and women.

When I first saw this collection, I pictured at least five different outfits that I could easily replicate or be inspired by. Not only is this collection accessible to everyone, but it also conveniently aligns with my style. The minimalism, layers, color palette and simplicity are all things that are ingrained in my style.

For this look, it seemed obvious that I started with my green military jacket. To go along with the boxy, baggy look of this line (as well as shield myself from the cold!), I decided to button up my jacket. Underneath I wore a light brown sweater and a pair of leggings. To finish off the entire look, I wore a pair of combat boots.

Get My Look: 1. A military jacket. 2. Combat boots. 3. A pair of leggings.