STYLE GURU STYLE: How Not To Look Like A Tourist

There is something truly amazing that I have noticed about European tourists, Fashionistas and Fashionistos. They all look fantastic when they travel! Women stomp through the airports in stilettos, designer handbags in tow, with perfectly paired outfits just to bounce from one plane to another. I am left behind unable to do anything but gawk at their style as I trudge towards my gate.

The classic image of an American tourist is comparably horrendous and I have seen a good number of these types since I have been here. White cross trainers, fanny packs, camera straps and baseball caps all have their places; most of these pieces are even within today’s trends. However, I think that travels to such gorgeous destinations deserve equally beautiful and sophisticated outfits that don’t scream giri (Spanish slang for tourist).

I looked to Anna Sui’s resort 2016 collection for inspiration for my own pairing. Her collection was filled with breezy looks that moved wonderfully and were super stylish and equally comfortable. I especially loved the mixing and matching of cooler shades like indigo, navy and deep purples. Bohemian prints were paired fantastically with more classic silhouettes that created a very eclectic vibe.

I translated Anna Sui’s beautiful pieces into a fun outfit that I wore for a day of adventures through the mountains of Mallorca. Since the terrain here changes very abruptly from beach to mountain, shorts were a necessity! (Bonus points for big pockets). This pair fits loosely and allows for ease of movement and has a very fun print! As for the top, something of a lightweight material like chiffon or crepe is perfect for the heat. I love the pattern here as well and I especially love it over the polka dots.

As far as accessories are concerned, I opted for a pair of dark sunglasses with gold details and an enormous statement necklace for some shine. I love statement pieces when I’m traveling because I can wear less jewelry but still feel glamorous and put together. Some metallic sandals add a bit of sophistication and for me, are even more comfortable than sneakers. I may not look quite as elegant as the other European Fashionistas, but no one can tell me that I look like a tourist.

Get My Look: 1. Grab your fun printed shorts! 2. Top off with a light shirt. 3. Don’t forget your statement necklace! 4. Or, add a pair of sunnies.