STYLE GURU STYLE: How Much Is Too Much?

One of the most frustrating things in the world is missing a signal. Whether it’s from the guy you like or from the driver who just swerved into your lane. But what may be even more catastrophic than that is showing up under dressed to a party. Why didn’t anyone tell me? How could I miss the memo? All questions that run through your head. Now let me ask you this: how would you feel if you were over dressed? A little awkward at first I’m sure, but after a while maybe you realize it’s better to own the fact that you are the best dressed person in the room rather than to shrink down in your brand new pumps. I have a feeling this is what Givenchy had in mind with his fall 2015 collection which featured beautiful garments done up with the most over the top accessories. I like to take my style in a bold direction every now and then, so lately I have decided to incorporate themes from his show into my own look.

Givenchy dazzled everyone with garments that featured stunning fabrics and cuts, but little variety in color. Although the collection was fantastic without a doubt, what grabbed the most attention was his styling. Models wearing multiple piercings at a time and intricate jewels bestowed upon their faces strolled down the catwalk looking powerful with a grace that cannot be taught. It’s hard not to wonder how you achieve a similar effect, but with a little less…bravado.

Now you won’t catch me with broaches casually dangling from my face, but I’m definitely in favor of overstated jewelry right now…especially figuring out how many pieces I can get away with wearing before I start looking like the accessories section of Forever 21. In addition, I have taken to wearing contrasting colors to slowly but surely work color back into my wardrobe in a different way. In my outfit, I pair a graphic sweatshirt with frayed shorts, eye-catching jewelry and bright tennis shoes. This look is great for those summer nights when it’s too cool to rock a tank top but too warm to actually get a jacket. If you’re used to dressing casually, dare to be different. Keep your style but try adding a little more bling and see if you can stop yourself from becoming a walking jewelry stand when you see that bigger just may be better.

Get My Look: 1. Graphic sweatshirt. 2. Distressed shorts. 3. Red tennis shoes. 4. Accessories.