STYLE GURU STYLE: Highlight in Bright

Okay ladies, its finally that time of year that we have all been waiting for…summer! The weather is getting warmer as each day gets longer. This summer is all about letting your inner kid come out by playing around with bright colors.

Summer is meant to be colorful and full of excitement. I’m usually the type of person to be seen wearing lots and lots of black. So this summer I am trying something new by adding some more fluorescence to my wardrobe. Another new thing I am trying out this summer is wearing clothing with interesting patterns. I never really had any patterned clothes in my closet until just recently. For this outfit, I got my inspiration from Louis Vuitton’s resort 2017 collection. Most of the looks in this collection play with mixing and matching colors to create a cohesive outcome.

The best part about outfits like this one is that you can dress it up to wear it out or you can wear it somewhere more casual. To add a little bit more flare to this outfit, I added a statement medallion necklace. Lately I have really been into jewelry that has a bohemian vibe, so I thought this necklace was perfect. Another thing I have been obsessing over is rings. I’ve been watching Friends on Netflix nearly every night and I always loved how Phoebe Buffay would wear tons of rings at once. To imitate Phoebe’s classic style, I found a few matching rings and stacked them together. In order to keep the bohemian flare, I paired this outfit some black gladiator sandals that made me feel summer-ready.

To all my Fashionistas out there, just remember that summer is supposed to be exciting and unforgettable, so do what you want and dress how you please.

Get My Look: 1. Statement Medallion Necklace, 2. Stacked Ring Set, 3. Gladiator Sandals, 5. Geometric Printed Dress.