STYLE GURU STYLE: High-Waisted Pants

September 23rd, 2016 at 2:00am

I cannot believe that this is my last entry for CollegeFashionista this spring! Time definitely has flown by but I’m not complaining, because with the end of spring comes the start of summer! This year, I’m going back to my hometown in the Philippines, so I’ve been spending the last couple of weeks trying to curate my wardrobe for that trip. The Philippines has a very different climate than Ireland, so although I’ve been enjoying rebuilding my wardrobe, it’s also been very difficult. But as usual, inspiration is everywhere, and Dolce&Gabbana’s mind-blowing spring/summer 2016 runway show really has given me a lot of ideas. Color, prints and anything high-waisted! To me, Dolce&Gabbana is the embodiment of how I want this coming summer to be: refreshing, fun and flamboyant.

With this runway, I find myself gravitating towards the combination of high-waisted pants with bandeaus or crop tops. I still need to find the perfect pair of high-waisted blue jeans, which I think would be perfect if I’m looking to put my own street-style spin on the collection, but printed trousers have a very special place in my heart. I got this particular pair from thrifting, but you can get your own here.

As far as the crop top goes, I’ve had it in my closet for a while, having bought it from last Christmas. But I never really got the chance to wear it because I didn’t have the courage to do so. The top is very fitted and a lot more revealing than I’m used to, so I never knew how to style it. But when I had the pants on looking for a top, I looked at this number from my closet and said, “Well what about this?”

I will be staying with CollegeFashionista this summer, so continue to be on the lookout for my posts! Here’s to a RAD one!

Get My Look: 1. High-waisted trousers. 2. Crop tops. 3. Gold chains.