On a particularly warm April day, I decided to break out the maxi dress to prepare myself for the heat waves to come. I am a strong believer in the philosophy that if you dress well, you will perform well in any circumstance. I decided to wear this nude maxi dress to my full day of classes, and it was the best decision I made that day. I was more focused in class, more productive, and more willing to take on the day than days where I do not wear a nice outfit.

Here I am wearing a tight nude maxi dress that fits like a glove. The only downside is that I am very tall (5’9″ to be exact), so the dress barely touched my ankles when it was left alone. I personally do not like that look on myself, so I decided to tie the bottom of the dress in a simple knot to give it a little extra something while solving the problem with the length. I love small details in outfits, and this little tweak really brought the outfit together.

Given it was only April when these photos were taken, I did not have any sandals at school with me yet. I decided to wear comfortable, nude sneakers that complimented the outfit well. A simple pair of stylish sneakers is a must in every Fashionista’s wardrobe for the days when you just cannot bring yourself to wear those uncomfortable yet fabulous sandals that rip up your feet. To finish off the look, I threw on a pair of shades and a few rings and was prepared to take on the day.

As I sit here writing my last article of the semester for CollegeFashionista, I can do nothing but feel pride and pure bliss about the experience I have endured while being a part of this amazing community. I chose to write my last article about my own personal style to really express who I am.