STYLE GURU STYLE: Gucci Meets Tom Ford

After seeing Gucci’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection (even though the 2016 collection is already out), I couldn’t help but recreate some of the outfits and styles implemented in some of the looks for this season. The dominant earth tones, the military style jackets, the “all-black everything” and even the lace-up shoes caught my eye. All these trends sent me to my closet to search for the perfect outfit to recreate and after about two hours of searching, my Gucci-inspired outfit was complete.

The models for this runway show wore variations of military jackets with earthy tones and a lot of black, which I love. Sabina Lobova modeled a large military-inspired jacket with a beautiful olive green color and Karo Michalowska modeled a pair of beautiful lace-up heels. These two pieces inspired me to recreate a look around two easy to find pieces: lace up shoes and a military jacket.

For my take on the outfit, I used an all-black base outfit to work around. I added an army green oversized jacket to add the neutral color trend of the runway, some leather lace-up heels and these high-waisted black jeans from PacSun are a great addition to anyone’s closet because they match with everything. I also took inspiration from Tom Ford’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection, incorporating the “all-black everything” again, the chunky choker necklace and the neutral-bronzed makeup with chiseled contour.

I’m a girl who loves to wear all-black, all the time, but after seeing how these different runway styles could be combined to create a super unique looks, I will definitely be incorporating pieces like these into my outfits again.

Get My Look: 1. Find a comfortable and grunge-esque army jacket. 2. Pair it with a black tank top or t-shirt (it can be tight fitting or loose, your preference!). 3. Match it with some black skinny jeans. 4. Add some sexy lace-up heels and you’re ready to rock the runway!