STYLE GURU STYLE: Got Something I Want to Suede

For this month’s article, I turned to Chanel’s pre-fall 2016 collection for my January inspiration. This collection encompasses the sophistication and simplicity of the color black. I absolutely love the the incorporation of different textures of blacks and neutrals layered upon each other and the dimension it creates despite the lack of loud colors. The thick sweaters, overcoats and blazers are what really inspired my look because of how they seamlessly encapsulate both chic and cozy (and I’m all about cozy). Sadly, since I do reside in Florida, cold weather is either nonexistent or a pitiful excuse for cold (A.K.A. the temperature being in the 50’s). Therefore, pulling off these furry and plushy pieces was not in my best interest. However, I did my best in integrating the stunning textures that the Chanel collection showcases.

For my take on the collection, I focused on neutralizing the outfit by wearing mostly black (similarly to some of the looks). I decided to add a nude suede skirt, which is probably my favorite article of clothing that I own right now. It is so versatile in its use and is fit for literally any occasion. The suede skirt does a nice job of breaking up the black in the outfit, as well as adding a softer side to the edgier black knee-high socks. Sticking with the neutrals, I added a cream flower necklace that also contributes to the soft, girly vibe that I always love to wear. To top off the outfit, I decided to add a lavender wallet as a pop of color that adds a sweeter touch to this more serious look.

Happy January college Fashionistas! And here’s to wishing that Florida will at least get a little colder so I can wear those knee socks more often.

Get My Look: 1. Ribbed Knit Sweater. 2. Suede Skirt. 3. Black Ankle Booties.