This winter has been the season of the olive jacket. Models and actresses such as Lily Collins, Kylie and Kendall Jenner and Julianne Moore all have been spotted sporting this new trend. As well as populating the streets, the olive tone has found its way on to the runway, encompassing Rebecca Minkoff’s recent show entirely. From utilitarian jackets to structured skirts, this cool green creates an edgy yet sophisticated vibe. Accessorized with bold accents such as chic cross-body bags and subtlety printed clutches, Minkoff represents the current cold weather trend as the fierce color olive can be. Focusing on texture and placing an emphasis on details such as buttons and belting, she plays with a balance of military influence diffusing the toughness with elegant styling.

Recently for Christmas, I received a superb lightweight jacket consecutive with this current trend. Accented with faux leather sleeves, this button-up coat has deep pockets and a gigantic hood — everything I love. Mixing this with a pair of my favorite black jeans, a graphic linear sweater and a large black hat, my outfit needed only a gold chain and shoes to be complete. Highlighting another current trend, slip-on sneakers, I paired the edgy outfit with a crocodile printed slip-on.

Rebecca Minkoff’s recent show, as well as the current trend in outwear for the winter 2014/2015 inspired me to try this look out on myself. Mixing a color that has always been my favorite, one that is actually my bedroom wall color back at home, I drew inspiration from Minkoff’s subtle color palette of olive, black and white and incorporated this into my own wardrobe. All items of the look were purchased at sale prices or thrifted, which is something close and near and dear to my heart, a shopping philosophy I intend to influence and inspire my readers with.

 Get My Look: 1. Wool Black Hat. 2. Slip-On Sneakers. 3. Olive Green Jacket .