STYLE GURU STYLE: Go With the Flow

Happy July, everyone! Even though it’s the middle of the summer, fall will be here before we know it! Every year before fall fully arrives, personally, I like to do some research on upcoming trends and styles for the 2016-2017 seasons. And where better to do that other than Vogue’s runway shows? In my researching, I came across the Area resort 2017 show, which inspired me to try out the flowy short and long-sleeved shirt lookand I am so happy I did!

In my outfit, I found both the shorts and the top from Von Maur (I also saw a denim pair of shorts at Forever 21 that I absolutely loved). The good news is, you can pretty much find these flowy-style shorts anywhere, as they’re more and more coming into style. I find this style is perfect for summer: the shorts are loose fitting and comfortable, which is perfect for facing the summer heat, while still super-stylish and accentuating to the legs. Also, when it comes to high-waisted shorts, I especially love the idea of pairing them with a crop top, as the pieces just fit so effortlessly together.

Once I tried it, I immediately loved this look and I couldn’t wait to play around with it! After a while, I decided to dress it up by wearing booties.I went with my go-to pair of favorite black lace-ups. This pair is well-worn and loved, but they still get the job done.

For accessories, I decided to add some edge to this look by pairing my everyday necklaces with a choker. I thought the stack of necklaces was exactly what this look needed, and was very pleased with my results! I am so excited I that found a way to follow the style of runway and still make it my own. Taking some up-and-coming runway trends in mind, have fun seeing what you could try!

Get my look: 1. A pair of paper bag shorts 2. Any style choker 3. Lace-up booties