We all are constantly trying to keep up with the latest trends and upcoming styles. Whether you realize it or not, designers creations trickle down into even the most shoppable stores on a college budget. When I spotted the swing dress trend while doing my daily online browsing, I was ecstatic! The appearance of a graceful and flowing garment just melts my heart immediately when I see it.

Céline kills the ready-to-wear 2016 line. It is full of free-flowing and whimsical pieces. With an array of colors and styles, this line is far from uptight. You see slip dresses, pant suits and even dimensional blouses. A few of my favorites were the flared skirts and dresses. They have such movement, but at the same time a static appearance on the upper body because of the fitted long sleeves.

Who wouldn’t be inspired by these dreamy pieces? I found the perfect dress at Old Navy that resembles several looks that strut down the runway. Although the hem is a bit shorter on this dress, it still flares out toward the bottom as to beautifully mimic Céline’s swing dress. Colder weather is rapidly approaching, so it was no question that I had to throw on a pair of stockings. An all-black look is never something I turn down either. Definitely always a go-to for me!

To add some diversity, I felt a slouchy satchel bag would be perfect to tie the booties and dress together. My personal style is never too formal and the cross-body bag was the perfect touch to still pull off a high fashion trend, but keep it casual. It’s fun to mix informal with a little bit of formal every now and then! Of course to maintain an elongated look, my booties have a small heel to give just the right amount of height that I desired. Let’s be real here, I’m not sure if six inch heels are ever a bright idea for anyone who is as clumsy as me! My outfit may not be runway ready, but in my mind it’s on its way there!

Get My Look: 1. Swing dress. 2. Beige booties. 3. Satchel.