STYLE GURU STYLE: Go With the Flow

As you may or may not know, I am without a doubt Rachel Zoe’s biggest fan. Her resort 2016 line is what boho closet dreams are made of. Her nod to the ’70s can be seen in every garment she creates or wears. Whether you’re going to brunch in Los Angeles or strutting through the streets of New York City, Rachel’s lines are always made to adapt to both coasts (probably because she frequents both). She is known for her wide leg pants, bohemian maxi dresses and skirts, oversized sunglasses and floor length jackets. Her resort 2016 line features everything I listed and more, in beautifully colorful, quality fabrics. I love how the clothes in this line can be used for day or night wear and fit many age groups. Another Rachel Zoe signature feature that is a hot runway trend right now is flowy bottoms; from pants to maxis to skirts she LOVES flowy fabric.

I transformed this runway look into my own style by wearing one of my favorite flowy maxi skirts that I know Rachel Zoe would love. Even though the skirts in her resort line are more A-line and straight and mine is more gathered and gauzy, it’s still part of the flowy runway trend. Resort wear is all about bright vacation colors and my blue tie dye skirt fits in perfectly. I paired this billowing skirt with a simple crop top just as the resort line shows. By doing this, you allow a sliver of skin to show above the waistband making your outfit instantly sexy and beachy. This also allows everyone to see the beautiful draping of the skirt made possible by the gathers at the waistband.

Get My Look: 1. Any super flowy skirt or pant that works for your body type would work for this runway trend. 2. A go-to basic crop top from American Apparel because it can literally work with almost any outfit. 3. Jeffrey Campbell Daisy Litas, which are by far my favorite platform shoes that I own. Or you can opt for sandals if those are more comfortable.