STYLE GURU STYLE: Get Trippy Off This Acid Wash

The recent runway show from rag & bone was all over the spectrum from masculine silhouettes to retro prints. Highlighted repeatedly, acid wash is a fun pattern that mixes well with many styles—particularly edgier outfits. Rag & bone focused on a lighter verse of this popular print. Mixing the occasional pop of acid wash, rag & bone focused on darker colors and layering, perfect for the winter blues.

Recently at Cornell University, freshmen were able to undergo the process of rushing a sorority. As someone who decided this was right for me, I have been incredibly busy and have had to present myself in the best manner possible. For me, as well as many others, this resulted in impeccable outfits. From Lily Pulitzer dresses and pearls, to more edgier outfits, such as the ones I found myself in, the idea behind outfits for this process are for you to express yourself in whatever manner you find fit. Taking advice from rag & bone, I decided to dress in acid wash for my last day, formal wear. A classic shift dress meets bleach and studs; this open backed little black dress is the perfect mix of classy and trendy. Highlighting the most flattering parts of the body, this dress is both formal and comfortable.

Acid wash, a print that has cycled in and out of fashion, trends back into style this year with rag & bone’s darker and edgier collection. This runway show inspired me to go for it with acid wash and combine it with accessories that helped me be confident for Rush week and I wish the same for you!

Get My Look: 1. An acid wash dress. 2. A statement necklace. 3. Pumps.