STYLE GURU STYLE: Geometrics And Flowers

Geometry is not a subject I like all that much ,but it’s undeniable the everyday importance that shapes have. Every single thing you own has shape and fluidity to it and one of my favorite things is to bring that symmetry and asymmetry into my wardrobe. It allows for a bit of an eye-catcher and acts as a way to make normal prints, such as floral, look gridded and drawn. The Christian Wijnants resort 2016 show made this a reality with its’ constant flow of avant garde, nature inspired shapes.

Now, my take on the geometrical look comes in a tame form. The flowers on my kimono are formatted in such a way that the lines intermingle with one another much the same as the designs on the runway looks. Unlike the runway pattern, my floral pattern has lines that are closer to one another which allows the print to take up more space and look fuller on the fabric. This runway show had it’s models in polished looks with dewy finishes but I decided to move more towards the boho, easy-going end of the spectrum.

I paired my kimono with a pair of baggy, boyfriend shorts that were a lighter wash in order to balance the darkness of what I had going on on top. The black shirt looks so flowy because it’s actually a dress. Tuck one into pair of shorts and any dress can be an oversized top. My brown choker played to the brown detailing in the kimono and the teal oval designs added a subtle, and necessary, pop of color to the look. And as a summer staple, at least in my closet, I wore my beloved adidas Originals to bring to attention some of the lightness that the outfit has to offer. My fringe bag helps to lighten things up and also adds the staple fringe to any true boho outfit.

A great way to further up an outfit inspired by Christian Wijnants would be to have a daring attitude and pair a printed jacket with a printed co-ord like he does in look five. It’s bold and creates a statement without you even having to open your mouth.

Get My Look: 1. Adidas Originals. 2. Baggy shorts. 3. A geometric piece.