STYLE GURU STYLE: (Fur)real? It's Almost Winter Break?

In order to give Fashionistas and Fashionistos ideas on how to embrace the cold, arctic fur has hit the runway. Ralph Lauren has featured this bold trend in his fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection, helping people transition from fall 2015 into winter 2016. Why fur? While fur is obviously a warm and exciting piece, it is also versatile: it can be featured on hoods, vests, coats and scarves.

I used a furry circle scarf from Banana Republic to add more flare to a comfortable, casual look I tend to wear during my final exam period. As finals approach, all of my friends know that I put on the same, boring combination of a T-shirt, jeans and boots every day. In other words, I lose motivation to consider other outfit choices. However, by putting together this basic combination with one bold scarf, I can run to my exam looking a little more confident and definitely less dull. The arctic fur scarf adds more excitement and comfort to my outfit because its fuzzy texture stands out amongst the other plain pieces and also keeps me warm.

The rest of my outfit includes basic articles of clothing that match the scarf’s gray and white color scheme. The pieces include a gray beanie by Superdry, a gray crop hoodie by Mossimo Supply Co., denim legging pants from UNIQLO and lace-up boots by GUESS. (The denim leggings pants are another must-have: they are thick enough so that you can wear them without a longer top that covers the butt area. They also provide extra comfort since they are made out of flexible material).

Get My Look: 1. Denim legging pants 2. A plain T-shirt 3. Lace-up boots 4. Any furry accessory