Fashion commentator, Simon Doonan, eloquently stated, “Conformity is the only real fashion crime. To not dress like yourself and to sublimate your spirit to some kind of group identity is succumbing to fashion fascism.” I believe wholeheartedly in expressing myself through dress. From the day I found my love for fashion, I have constantly striven to step outside of my comfort zone and be unique within my personal style.

When researching a designer that most closely correlates with my personal style, I came across Altuzarra’s 2015 ready-to-wear collection. I love how his designs effortlessly exudes glamour and edge. He delicately mixes fur with bold colors to create exquisite texture throughout the whole ensemble. Not only does he play with various textures, but he also mixes patterns with classic staple pieces in order to create a sophisticated outfit. Altogether, this collection perfectly combines classic designs and a touch of glamorous edge.

Fur has continuously remained a fall essential. In Altuzarra’s 2015 collection, fur coats are mixed with various patterns to create a unique look. I love nothing more than throwing a fur coat over an all black or a vibrant patterned dress to pull together a chic look.

For this outfit, I took a simple striped dress and paired it with a classic brown fur coat. I added a snakeskin clutch and my favorite pair of moto boots. By mixing a very simple dress with this statement coat it made for a sophisticated look, much like those that inspired me from Altuzarra’s collection.

Get My Look: 1. Simple striped dress. 2. Fur statement coat. 3. Statement clutch.