I’m always trying to figure out my defining style in the fashion spectrum. Some days I take on an urban look and other days I’m chic. It wasn’t until I found the kate spade new york fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection that I figured out where my inspiration was coming from.

The collection was all about bold colors, patterns and accessories to pull the right outfit together. It’s the simplicity of it all that reminds me of outfits I put on every day. This ready-to-wear ensemble brings out the sophisticated, working woman in all of us.

Instead of navy straight-legged pants, I wore navy super skinny jeans. The collection consisted of dark colors like navy and beige, but also bold, bright colors like red and pink. In my outfit, I decided to pair my skinny jeans with a bold teal green blouse and brown leather boots. The bold color really brings out the whole outfit.

One of the key items that I found fit well with my style is incorporating faux fur. The faux fur addition was a staple accessory that showed up multiple times in the collection. The faux fur purse takes away the sophisticated look and makes it edgier. I also added a gold metallic watch that matches perfectly and an optional faux fur wrap around my neck.

My outfit’s inspiration is great for any occasion. Color can play a big role in defining an outfit, but it’s the accessories that give you flexibility to make your style unique. These useful trends are also affordable and great with any style.

Get My Look: 1. Bold color blouse. 2. Navy skinny jeans. 3. Faux fur purse.