STYLE GURU STYLE: Fur and Stripes

Are you ever walking past a store window when a piece of clothing catches your eye that you know you just have to have? It happens to all of us—we run into the store and immediately ask a sales associate where the item is, hoping they have it in our size. That is exactly how I came across this green faux fur jacket from Forever21. It was on a mannequin in the store window paired with a leather skirt and band T-shirt, and I was sold immediately. Do I look like a green version of Big Bird wearing it? Maybe. Just kidding, but it is definitely a little out there compared to the kind of clothing items I would usually buy. However, my decision to step out of my comfort zone and purchase this unique piece has pleasantly surprised me. At first, it was the kind of piece that I loved but I had no idea why. Now that I have worn it in a bit, I have been pleased with just how versatile it can be.

For this casual look, I decided to pair my hooded jacket with a striped turtleneck, black jeans, and black booties. I like pairing the jacket with the turtleneck because I feel that the bright green of the jacket contrasts well with the colors of the stripes. I finished off the outfit with a simple silver watch as the only accessory because I wanted the coat to be the full focus of the look. I have also found that the jacket looks great over a crisp white button down, a floral print blouse, and like I saw in the display window, a band T-shirt. Overall, the jacket is a great way to add a pop of color or a bit of edge to almost any outfit.

My personal style advice to all you Fashionistas/os out there is to step out of your fashion comfort zone every once in a while. If something you might normally consider to be a little weird catches your eye, buy it. Try a bolder print, a brighter color, or a more unique silhouette. You might be surprised by the creative looks you can come up with.