STYLE GURU STYLE: From Concrete To Palm Trees

After scouting Fashionistas in the Big Apple for two whole weeks, I am officially back to my Caribbean habitat. Although the city was a lot of style-filled fun, the salty air and sunny beaches were desperately calling my name. I did however bring back great New York City finds that will help me survive the tropics fabulously; and I’m excited to share each and every one of them with all you fashion-loving readers.

Call it boho-warrior chic, summer goddess vibe or any other name you can cleverly come up with… this look is definitely going to be my go-to choice until autumn arrives to beat the heat. The combination of easygoing dresses and knee-high sandals utilized in the Chloé spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection, definitely served as the basis of inspiration for my attire. Today, I’m sporting a mini Zara jacquard dress and a pair of tan gladiator sandals. In this case, it was the jewelry which really helped this ensemble come to life. I opted for a golden cuff and few delicate layered chains; and yes, layering necklaces is probably my new favorite thing to do. When it comes to rings, the more the merrier is my motto. So to finish this outfit off, I added four cohesive brass rings.

Just as a word of advice, when choosing your ideal gladiator sandal, less is more. This type of footwear is a wow-piece in itself, so keep it classy and simple (and be extra sure to find a good fit). Having 20 extra buckles and hanging bling in there won’t do you any favors!

On an ending note, I must add that outfits like the one you see above are what I call a “simple statement”. When going for this type of look don’t over accessorize, wear your natural hair out, and keep the makeup fresh-faced and simple. Now, the real secret is to include one of a kind details that will speak loudly of your excellent taste. Trust me Fashionistas, you will end up feeling comfortable all day and turning heads along the way.

Get My Look: 1. Gladiator sandals. 2. Gold layered chains. 3. Cuff bracelet.