STYLE GURU STYLE: Fringe Me Up, Baby!

Hello cold weather! With the temperatures dropping and the hope for a hot day has officially evaporated, fall fashion is in full swing. We’ve watched the ready-to-wear runway shows of our favorite designers back in the spring, but now we can finally take those trends and bring them into our every day lives. Black has always been a color that I am drawn to whether it’s shoes, coats, jeans or sweaters; I love them all. My outfit is inspired by Zimmermann’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection, which features a whole bunch of fringe and wide-brimmed hats: two of my favorite things.

Many people may ask, “Is fringe too much on a garment?” or “Am I overdoing it with this hat?” and the answer is absolutely not. As we all know fashion is a way to express yourself and to push the boundaries, to show the message to your peers you are trying to convey about yourself. The way I see it, fringe is fun and it gives your outfit a little boost of excitement. We all have bad hair days whether we want to admit it or not so having a neutral, wide-brimmed hat in your closet can bring a whole outfit together without the stress of feeling like your hair is a complete disaster. You can also add in some simple accessories to bring a little character to your look without overdoing it, just as I have featuring a funky, long necklace.

Get My Look 1. Cardigan. 2. Boyfriend Jeans. 3. Hat. 4. Necklace.