STYLE GURU STYLE: Fresh Off The Block

For years, whenever I thought of Parisian fashion houses I always thought of the classics: Chanel, Dior and Louis Vuitton. It wasn’t until recently that another Parisian fashion house came onto my radar. It seems as though social media and red carpet events breathed new life into Balmain. It’s no wonder that Balmain became such an icon in celebrity fashion as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, perhaps two of the most iconic faces today, pose front and center in its latest fashion campaigns. In stark contrast from Chanel’s dainty spring 2015 fashion show, Balmain’s show offers a very sharp and graphic vibe as models traipse down the runway in leather cage dresses and window pane printed palazzo pants.

When dressing myself I opt for a simpler look. My coat (which is my baby) is coated in leather at the sleeves and trimmed with fur. I feel glamorous in it even when I’m walking into the gym. I paired it with a sharp nude blazer and a striped top. To make the look more casual, I added ripped jeans and leather slip-on sneakers. For one last striking touch, I added my favorite pair of sunglasses and a statement necklace. I believe the look truly conveys my overall style: classic but edgy.

I may be dramatic, but I am not as dramatic as a glistening Adriana Lima attacking a joyous Joan Smalls in Balmain’s latest campaign. It’s easy to take a basic look and add a few touches make the ensemble richer and sophisticated. Hopefully one day when I’m not struggling to come up with enough money to buy a top from NASTY GAL, I can afford pieces of Balmain. Until then, I’ll just channel Kim Kardashian on the inside and gallivant around campus in my leather slip-ons from Forever 21.

Get My Look: 1. A fur trimmed coat. 2. A striped top. 3. Leather slip-ons.