Spring has come. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the embroidery has made it’s way to everyday fashion. Bringing back old trends can always be intimidating. But when it’s done right, there’s a chance to give the fashion world and ode to the past.

I have always loved natural flowers. Whether they are fresh, or already dead, there is something so beautiful about how our earth can create such colorful and unique things. By wearing embroidery, I’m just transferring my love for flowers onto my clothing. Another great thing about embroidery is that you can totally DIY it! There are a vast amount of tutorials about embroidery. Trust me, I’ve looked. So not only is embroidery a chance to bring spring to life, but also play Mother Nature and create flowers yourself.

Though I have been wearing embroidery on everything from my shoes to my jeans, pictured here I have them all over my dress. What I love about this dress is that the black and white strips offer a contrast to the red roses. Along with the dress, I put on a pair of tights to make the outfit a little more edgy. Lastly, I put on a pair of black booties that have a little of fringe.

Don’t be scared to take inspiration from the seasons when it comes to playing dress up, because it can be a truly magical thing.