Fashion Girls’ Favorite Fall Color Will Surprise You

From color-blocking to graphic embellishments, sidewalks everywhere are overflowing with youthful, brightly colored looks. Industry insiders are putting away their usual all-black ensembles and stepping out in unique denim, accessories, and coats. Although the typical vision of the It girl includes an all-black ensemble and major attitude, it seems as though this same It girl is evolving into someone who won’t allow her style to be limited by traditional expectations set on her by the industry. 

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

When thinking about this re-imagination of what street style can look like, color is key. Last year we saw the rise—and continued reign—of millennial pink, but this fall, It girls are going to be pushing the boundaries by wearing powerful shades of red. Whether it’s leather, faux fur, or Chanel-style tweed, get ready for your Instagram feed to be flooded with the fiery hue.

This up-and-coming trend follows the large amount of red-centric looks seen in some of last winter’s major runway shows such as Givenchy, Fendi, Max Mara, and Armani. Showing up on boots, coats, and other accessories, the color red got fashion lovers excited for fall. They made such an impact in these shows that industry insiders have even dubbed it the “color of the season.”

PHOTO: Lex Kelly

Never fear, Fashionista/os. Embracing the color red is definitely not just reserved for fashion A-listers. Harness the power of red to pack a punch on your campus this fall. Try ditching the sweater and riding boots model and step outside of your comfort zone. Use bold colors to create contrast with solids, wear a bright red lip, or experiment with accessories to join the ranks of fashion girls everywhere trying the hottest trend of the season.

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