STYLE GURU STYLE: Fire Festival Fits

What’s up, Fashionistas?  I’m back from the spring break festival experience! As the temperatures are climbing their way up the thermometer, festival season is now starting for the year, meaning waves of inspiration from rad street style along with amazing music. My friends and I packed up a car and drove from Charleston, South Carolina all the way down to New Orleans, Louisiana for the Buku music and arts festival. While in between stops at Starbucks and McDonalds on our journey to Buku, I had a lot of time to think of how I wanted dress for it. The greatest thing about music festivals is the sense of freedom and the exciting energy that floats like a gas among festival goers. The outfits people wear are bold, daring, and just flat out fire, as the youths would say. Due to the type of music at this festival (hip hop and electronic), festival goers typically would wear raver clothing, bohemian styles, and sleek urban street wear.

For my festival outfit I wanted to interpret the kind of energy and music at Buku and ultimately created a hippy meets raver style. I bought a $1 tie-dye T-shirt from Goodwill and cropped it to make more on trend and suitable for Louisiana weather. I added a classic pair of sunglasses that remind of something a character from the movie Dazed and Confused would wear. Sunglasses are not only a fun accessory, but also a necessity when it comes to festival wear. When you’re out in the sun all day you have to look out for yourself, which reminds me: Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and drink water!

To make my outfit more playful and raver like, I paired my tie-dye crop top with silver disco pants. These disco pants are great to dance in and are a stunning statement piece that shine like the lights from stages. For shoes, it is vital to wear something that are comfortable because you’re going to be on your feet all day at a festival. I chose a classic checkered pair of Vans, they’re super comfy to walk and dance around in, and I’ve been obsessed lately with mixing patterns to make my outfits look more dynamic. The last component of a fire festival fit is a fun bag! Festival goers are drawn to colorfully printed fanny packs and small backpacks; I decided to do a sun shaped crossbody purse. The shape of the bag is perfect because it is big enough to hold my phone, money, and disposable camera, yet is also small enough where it’s not bulky and heavy. And who doesn’t love a little sunshine?

Ultimately with festival wear, it’s the perfect time to try out bold looks! Have fun with it, be wild, and remember that wearing glitter at two in the afternoon is totally appropriate!