As the holidays are among us, there’s no better way to express your excitement than by adding a little extra green and red to your wardrobe. Pre-fall collections from even the most influential designers have incorporated this color combination along with the many ways you can add it to the many layers of your cozy winter attire. Burberry’s pre-fall 2016 collection demonstrates an adequate example of how to bring your layers to life with the colors of the holiday season.

Throughout this collection, dark neutral colors are complimented with hints of lighter, warmer colors. Burberry has always had a consistency of incorporating practical outerwear with an army influence, but this collection emphasizes that layers of practical outerwear are saturating the fashion world.

I took this into account when creating my multi-layered outfit. Aside from the genuine need to keep warm in the depressing December weather, I carefully picked my cardigan because of its color; the deep hue of green is similar to that of the green incorporated by Burberry and their use of army influence in their MA-1 Jacket. To complement the color, my taupe parka uses neutral colors while also keeping the long length of my cardigan consistent. Lastly, to add bit of festivity to my look, I topped it off with a cable knit beanie; showing off a splash of red and giving my look a cheery feel.

Get My Look: 1. Cable knit beanie 2. Lace-up boots. 3. String of pearls