STYLE GURU STYLE: Ferragamo Game Strong

I’m obsessed with the most recent menswear fashion show by Salvatore Ferragamo. The presence of different leathers paired with different color scarves and pants is perfect, especially for a fall/winter climate. Fall is my favorite season, so any time I can dress like it’s still fall out, I’m happy. What I loved most, however, was how true to the menswear silhouette the show was while staying fashion forward and edgy. The knitted pieces were on point, and I love the flow of patterns on different fabrics.

In order to make this look more pedestrian friendly, I picked my favorite leather jacket and wore it over a merlot-colored loose knit sweater. I love the color combination of the light buttery brown and the deep merlot. On the bottom, I threw on my favorite pair of black skinny jeans. Since the holiday season, they might be a little too tight…oops. To give my look a hint of Ferragamo, I topped my look off with a black infinity scarf. I could have gone with a bigger and bulkier scarf, but I wanted to keep the look a little simpler since I have so many colors going on.

I love Ferragamo and this show inspired me to mix up patterns and colors within one seasonal look. Normally I wouldn’t wear browns and black, but after seeing the show, I was definitely inspired to do so.

Get My Look: 1. A leather jacket. 2. A loose knit sweater. 3. A pair of black skinny jeans.