STYLE GURU STYLE: Feeling Hip or Hop

STYLE GURU STYLE: Feeling Hip or Hop

I’m feeling myself in this black and white unisex outfit, which was inspired from various South Korean hip-hop artists and U.S. basketball athletes. Yes, very opposite ends of the globe, but I found a way to bridge the two to make this outift. This whole outfit is very affordable for the average college student and you can interchange what I am wearing with what you already have in your closet to suit your own style!

For the top, I am wearing a black turtleneck long sleeve shirt that I got as a “gift” from my dad. This shirt can be so versatile with any outfit! I love using it to add more dimension to my outfits while also adding another layer of comfort for the cold weather. The top layer shirt if apparently from the men’s section at Forever 21, but I found it in the clearance section and I thought it was so soft, so I bought it. It is a big shirt which is great for wearing with leggings.

For an added layer effect, I added these gray/blackish leggings from TJ Maxx, which was inspired from various basketball athletes who pair their uniforms with athletic shorts and leggings. So, I decided to try that approach and I must say that this stylistic choice can go well for anyone. While wearing leggings and athletic shorts, that I got also as a hand-me-down from my dad, I started to feel as if I was going to breakdance in a South Korean hip-hop video or something. Why South Korea Alexis? Well, lately, I have been K-pop/hip-hop obsessed. I have been watching all the cool music videos, which are so aesthetically pleasing.

For shoes, I’m rocking this Nike black and white Roshes that I got for my birthday. Since I have gotten these shoes, I have been wearing them every day or every other day because they are so easy to slip on and they feel so lightweight when I walk.

For accessories, I am wearing these two rings that I got from ShopMissA, a very affordable site, in which everything is one dollar! I am also sporting this black and white beanie my sister got me from Ecuador. It is very warm and I like pairing it up with different outfits because it truly goes well with anything.