STYLE GURU STYLE: Faux Fur, Fur Life

November 18th, 2016 at 2:06am

As the weather gets chillier and those cold early morning classes roll around every week, it is almost inevitable to have a jacket or vest that will help keep you warm. There are many different options you can decide on, but there is one that is more in style than any other item currently on the market. With this new trend taking over the fashion industry this fall, it is almost essential that a faux fur vest is included in your wardrobe.

These vests come in an array of different colors. From pink to brown to leopard print, you can find anything that you are looking for. If you ever feel that a staple piece is missing from your outfit, just grab a vest that matches and you are ready to go! It is extremely easy to spice up any attire by just adding this article of clothing to it. Simple sweaters and tops can immediately be accessorized. It is imperative to have such a versatile piece.

Fur vests can be found from a low price range to a high price range, depending on the materials that are being used. Different stores carry different types of fabric. So depending on the quality level you want, this product can fit any budget!

Faux fur doesn’t just have to be confined to vests though, there are numerous different styles in which this trend is used. Hats, jackets, coats, purses, the options are endless. It is so simple to encompass into your wardrobe, so you can easily work it into any outfit.

Faux fur is coming, and fast! Make sure to get it into your wardrobe quick so that you are ahead of the trend. The black, brown and cream colored faux fur vest that I am wearing was purchased at Francesca’s.  The simple white sweater, an essential for the fall and winter seasons, is from GAP. The plain black legging, which can easily be found in anyone’s closet is from Aeropostale. The studded boots, which give the outfit a bit of edge, are from Kohl’s. The medium size black purse is from Arden B. Lastly, the plain gray boot socks, which help with staying warm and being fashionable this fall season, are from American Eagle.