January 31st, 2017 at 2:00am

As the new year falls upon us and Chicago’s frigid winter persists, I’ve opted for warmer pieces in my closet, struggling to still try and make an effort to look trendy whilst the temperature drops below 10 degrees. Even though the weather has made me a marshmallow in layers of sweaters and coats multiple times this season, I braved the snow and wind in order to bring out some of my favorite winter pieces, and might have regretted that a time or two. The cold never bothered me anyway—I’ve heard from somewhere—and that has been my mantra this winter… not so much of a smart one.

I have been very inspired by edgy, winter style and all black lately, and love pairing seemingly different trends and clothing pieces together. In this outfit, I tried channeling just that by pairing a gray wool skirt with a cropped black sweater. Over it all, I wore a warm, black faux fur vest, tying my entire outfit together and adding some fun texture and glam to my entire look. With this, I wore my high-top Vans, making the outfit much more casual. The fur vest and sweater pair for a very warm outfit, and the wool skirt is soft and comfy, allowing me to dress up my outfit, but still be able to stay warm and cozy.

To accessorize, I wore three bracelets for stacking, and a silver diamond necklace for a touch of simple jewelry. Not only do these pieces add effortless sparkle to my look, they have been my go-to pieces this entire year, with matching silver hardware that go with almost all outfits. 

Even though the weather has been intensely bleak this past month, it has not stopped my desire to dress in the most trendy winter clothes. With the new year ahead of us, and hopefully spring, I am elated to bring out my favorite fashion pieces, and am so very excited to continue this CollegeFashionista opportunity.


  • Kim Truong

    Just another college student with a passion for macarons, naps, aesthetically pleasing items, who is trying to make it in the city.