STYLE GURU STYLE: Falling into London Style

Fall is in full swing here in London; the leaves are changing and the temperature is dropping. I had to immediately adjust my wardrobe to keep up with the weather here. Walking around this city has shown me people with such cool style and amazing vibes.The people in London have such amazing style that I feel like I need to step up my style game to match.  However, I do not have the budget for that so I am making it work with the things I own.

In this look I am wearing one of my favorite long sleeve shirts from H&M. This shirt has a bit of a mock turtleneck, making it stylish and less constricting than a normal turtleneck shirt. The shirt is also a little bit cropped so I paired it with some high-waisted jeans. To keep up with the cool London style, I wore my black chelsea boots. I love these boots because they are comfortable and can be worn with many different outfits.

Whenever I wear these I feel a little more stylish. Now, to my absolute favorite part of this outfit, my sunglasses. These sunglasses have a subtle cat eye look to them and round lenses. The clear frame and reflective lenses are the icing on the cake for this pair of sunglasses. I would wear them everyday here, but it’s not always sunny in London. 

My style is always simple; I think that is what helps me alter what I wear through seasons and fashion trends. It can be difficult to keep up with the seasons or the environment you’re in but, in the words of Tim Gunn you can learn to “make it work.”