STYLE GURU STYLE: Fallin' For the Slouch

STYLE GURU  STYLE: Fallin' For the Slouch

I am super excited entering the season of fall because it’s one of my favorite seasons. Fashion is so much better in the fall, the weather is in between not too hot and not too cold. As I was looking through fall collections I stumbled upon the Off-White fall 2016 ready-to-wear collection. This collection features many different styles offering you options to sport a dressy look, something casual, or streetwear.

I love the variety and carelessness this collections offers. The collection starts out with trousers, metallic, and even satin in the more dressy or casual aspect. In addition, the collection transitions to denim looks offering any style and mixing and matching different prints and colors. The collection is just amazing overall and speaks to my sense of style because I love combining different styles to create a chic but comfortable look. I feel like this collection can be easily transitioned to provide inspired looks for many things that already exist in my own closet.

In an effort to restyle one of my favorite looks from this collection, I kept it pretty simple all while making a statement.The major key to take away from this look is the oversized denim jacket. My jacket is vintage and was passed down to my mother from her father and I got lucky because my mom passed it down to me. The jacket in my opinion is what really tops the look off. The slouchy looks just says chic. Usually with street wear you’d see a graphic tee with a denim jacket but when I saw this model strutting down the runway in a collared crewneck I was inspired to do so myself.

I paired the crewneck and oversized denim jacket with black ripped jeans and black booties. In an effort to keep up with my chic look I decided to add a stylish magazine imprinted clutch. For jewelry I kept it pretty simple with just a rose gold watch and rose gold charm bracelet. My makeup was pretty natural with a touch of LAX on my lips by ColourPop Cosmetics. I love this lip color with this outfit. I feel like it gives the look even more attitude.

Denim will continue to be a big trend heading into fall. Denim is so easy to style; it gives me LIFE. This outfit is perfect for those cooler days in the fall, but the Off-White Collection offers many different ways to mix and match different looks to fit your style or to coincide with the weather.