Happy fall! Fall is honestly my favorite time of the year with Halloween, my birthday (shoutout to my fellow Libras), pumpkin picking, sweaters and of course, who could forget the PSL (I’m a Starbucks addict). Fall fashion is so versatile and chic, and the colors that come out of nature are so beautiful that we mimic them in our style. I’m so excited to show you guys one of my favorite looks this fall season!

Here I am wearing a maroon T-shirt with the criss-cross laces at the neckline. Little details like that can really amp up a look. Paired with dark wash jeans, it creates a simple base look before accessorizing.

Now for my favorite part, this VEST! I’m honestly obsessed, two toned with camel leather and cream faux fur, it goes with absolutely anything. It is definitely a staple piece for myself this fall. Vests are the perfect addition to any closet, they can instantly dress up or even down an outfit especially with the weather cooling down it is important to stay warm! Layering a vest with a cute top or sweater paired with jeans is a great look this fall season.

My favorite footwear addition to any outfit is a pair of matching booties, so naturally, you can catch me in these peep toed ones and my favorite pair of silver dangling earrings to add some metallic shine to the look overall.

So whether you are heading to midterms or the pumpkin patch, work those fall tones ladies! Add a vest maybe to spice it up. Or not, just love the look you wear!