STYLE GURU STYLE: Fall in Love With Fall

Change traditionally sparks heartache and is not an easy thing for most people to accept. In my case, change of season has always been the hardest to grasp. When the leaves start to change colors, the air starts to smell of pumpkin spice lattes, and tan lines start to fade, the inevitable truth presents itself: fall is approaching. In the foreign land of New England (or New York), fall weather is unpredictable and never consistent. Ever since I was a young Fashionsta, I have battled the ever-changing weather of New England (and now New York) fall days. However, it has come time to drop the post summer depression and get ready to pick some apples and carve a few jack-o-lanterns. As fall approached, I became inspired inspired as Ralph Lauren, J.Crew, and Tom Ford’s fall 2015 collection experimented with the daring possibilities and options that fall has to offer.  

This outfit is one of my favorite early fall ensembles. As a seasoned veteran of the four seasons and avid fan of Tom Ford, I have gained a valuable piece of knowledge: Layering is key. After you store away your bikinis and high-waisted shorts, you have to unearth your favorite versatile blanket scarf and broken in army green jacket. I was inspired by the overwhelming scarves in J.Crew’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection. My oversized blanket scarf is hands down my number one necessity this fall and winter. I complemented the color palette of my classic plaid blanket scarf with a army green jacket and a deep raspberry lip. “Winter white” was very evident in Ralph Lauren’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection and I’m crossing my fingers that it will resurface each season. With that said, I decided to sport a pair of white skinnies with a basic striped long sleeve T-shirt. Who said that stripes and plaid together can’t be the new black? I finished my look off with a cognac and brass boho chunky sandal. In regard to my nails, I had my manicurist shape them into the hottest shape and picked a neutral color to balance it all out.

So ladies (and gents), don’t be afraid to throw on a few layers or a scarf that happens to be bigger than you this season. Fall is warm enough (hopefully) to look cute, but cool enough to experiment often. Visit a thrift shop and find the perfect vintage army jacket or the coolest shirt to layer underneath. Go out and find the most unique pair of  fringe suede booties or coolest pair of oxfords. Don’t be afraid to wear stripes under plaid (they are friends now!), but most importantly, don’t forget to have some fun! Hundreds of Fashionstas (myself included) thank fall for all the wonderful opportunities to experiment with trends and consider it their favorite season!! Who knew? It’s time to slide on our booties, and fall in love with fall.

Get My Look: 1. A pair of white skinnies. 2. An army green jacket. 3. A pair of boho chunky sandals. 4. An oversized blanket scarf.