STYLE GURU STYLE: Fairytale Princess

It is always very exciting to look through different collections when I go on You never know what cool pieces you’re going to come across, and it’s always great to see how every designer has a different vision. When I came across Red Valentino’s fall 2014 ready-to-wear collection, I immediately knew I was in love. What really caught my attention was its amazing color palette. The collection was taking on its own version of Disney’s fairytale, Snow White. It brought along bright colors of red, green, blue and yellow, and there was certainly no way you can walk pass this collection without stopping for it.

Deterring from a childlike fairytale princess realm, this collection turned its pieces into rock ‘n’ roll streetwear with a very chic edge. It brought along denim rompers and leather biker jackets as well as bright colored skirts, grunge sweaters and oxford shoes. The collection is the epitome of cool. Whether you want to go for the cool grunge look or want to make a cute but lasting statement, this collection has many choices for you to pick from. It is, in my opinion, my fairytale wardrobe.

Since the collection incorporated the color red in the majority of its pieces, and it is also my favorite color, I decided to bring it along into my look. To play off the collection’s fairytale essence, I wore a red floral dress and layered it with a fluffy pastel pink cardigan. The colors balance each other out and create a younger but still dreamy vibe. A fun, easy flowing floral dress is perfect for spring; if you want to keep yourself warm and not suffocate from the heat, a lightweight cardigan is the perfect layer to wear. I decided to wear my black booties for comfort and to give my look some edge.

So if you’re searching for a fairytale wardrobe, look no further. The Red Valentino collection has you covered.

Get My Look: 1. Red floral dress. 2. Lightweight cardigan. 3. A pair of booties.