STYLE GURU STYLE: The Evolution of Personal Style

STYLE GURU STYLE: The Evolution of Personal Style

As this school year came to a close, a lot of things hit me that made me think about how I’ve gotten to the point I’m at today. From school to work to fashion, a lot in my life has changed and has come together to make me little more myself than I was at the start of my sophomore year.

A lot of what draws me into the fashion industry is the idea that fashion and personal style contribute so much to who a person is. Whether they’re edgy, trendy, feminine, contemporary, minimalist, or any and everything in between, learning your personal style speaks a lot to your confidence and understanding things that make you, you.

I chose to highlight this fun, flirty, printed tunic paired with classic peep-toed espadrille wedges because it exhibits how my style has evolved throughout the past few years. The tunic is extremely easy to dress up or down and pair with minimal jewelry if you’re going for a more casual look, or pair with chunky accessories to tie together the boho-feminine vibe it exudes.

The touch of pink adds the perfect amount of girly feel to the black and gray tones, making it so the tunic is flirty and sophisticated all in one. I love that the lighter gray of the wedges stands out against some of the other tones in the tunic so the entire look wasn’t matchy-matchy. Pairing it with classic silver hoops is a go-to staple of mine that you simply can’t go wrong with. They add the right amount of metallic pop and let the tunic be the stand out piece of the look.

As my own love for fashion has evolved, so has my personal style. This look exemplifies the feminine and structured minimalist looks I’ve come to learn I love. One of the best parts of fashion is experimenting with so many new styles and trends and not limiting yourself to what you can wear, but another fantastic aspect of it is when it comes together to help you find out what you love. For me, that’s prints, pink, feminine dresses, minimalist pieces, and so much more.

So, as time moves forward and as every Fashionista gets older, don’t hold back when learning about what your personal style is and be sure to try so many different looks in order to figure it out. Fashion is supposed to make everyone feel special, one-of-a-kind, and beautiful in the clothes they put on; don’t let that feeling get lost in an effort to try and dress how you think fashion is “supposed to look.”