As we finish the last of our exams, essays, and presentations for this academic year, summer is so close we can literally feel it (yay, warm weather!). For some of us, summer serves as a beautiful break from those late night library cram-sessions, but for others these are the last exams we’ll ever turn in.

It can be pretty damn hard to say goodbye to the past four years of education, new friendships, and growth we’ve experienced, but instead of locking ourselves away to listen to Vitamin C and cry, let’s celebrate. Whether you’re saying goodbye to the 2016/2017 school year or to post-secondary education all together, it’s a great opportunity to round up your favorite people and toast all your hard work with an end of year bash.

But naturally, a great party needs a great outfit. I’ve always felt the perfect look for a night out should be one that can go from chill drinks at your local pub to bottle service at a downtown hot spot, so keep things chic but somewhat casual.

I decided to layer one of my favorite Zara tank tops—the satin overlay gives it that something extra—over a long-sleeve cotton T-shirt. The T-shirt underneath stops it from feeling too clubby, while the shirt and black lace skirt keep it chic. I love how the lining is significantly shorter than the skirt itself, giving my legs a sneak peek of the outside world after several months of hiding under tights and skinny jeans. I wanted to keep to the color scheme, so I paired the outfit with black suede boots, my black leather purse, and a lace choker. Now all the look needs is a cocktail.

So put on something that makes you feel great, forget about that history final that consumed your mind for the last couple of weeks, and have some fun with the people who made your university experience what it was—while looking fab, of course.