STYLE GURU STYLE: Embrace the Embellishments

Fashion is a type of personal escape where one expresses themselves without having to say a single word. Before a person walks into a room, their outfit can tell a story about what kind of person they are. Not only does fashion allow for this type of creativity and freedom but it also allows for growth and inspiration from others. Seeing another person’s outfit can lead to an outfit inspiration and can ultimately lead to become a seasoned trend.

For my first STYLE GURU STYLE article, I chose to be inspired by the Marc Jacobs resort 2016 collection. His collection was filled with lots of black and white pieces, which easily fit with my monochromatic options. But what truly captured my attention within this collection were the jeweled embroidered pieces and the excess of embellishments. I loved the over-sized jewels and how the jewels made their statement while the color palette was simple.

Turning Marc Jacobs’ collection into an everyday casual look was very simple. Remembering the focus of his collection—embellishments, embroidery, monochromatic elements—the task was a breeze. I paired the black top with black shorts and sported a jeweled statement necklace in order to channel Marc Jacobs’ over-sized jewels. I also made sure to incorporate a top with detailing at the bottom to replicate those of the skirts in his collection. To complete my look, I wore a pair of beige and black espadrilles which have slowly but surely become my go-to summer essential.

Get My Look: 1. Black top. 2. A statement necklace. 3. Espadrilles.