STYLE GURU STYLE: Embellished Pastels

We have seen Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner all walk the red carpet in that rhinestone-embellished, pastel, see-through, floor-length dress. Yet, why are such looks so hard to come by for daytime looks? Today, that changes. Dresses such as these seem to be overwhelming for a daytime look, but I hope that I can inspire you to shake away those fears.

In Elie Saab’s fall 2015 couture show, Saab is able to capture an elegance and grace through the cut of his dresses. Even though each dress uses a single hue of color and is covered in adorned beads, sequins and appliqués, each dress is shaped and cut in different ways to create an element of uniqueness in each look. I am in awe of how he is able to instill such command and grace within each individual look! Every single model looks like a princess!

In my look, I too wanted to look like a princess, but by transforming Saab’s looks into a wearable, everyday look. My dress has some of the key elements: the pastels and the embellishments. However, instead of a floor-length dress, mine is cut at the knee for a more casual look. In order to make my look more causal, I chose a clunky, color-blocked heel along with a pale pink, flowy vest. The clunky nature of the heel signifies a daytime element, while the vest adds a casualness to the overall look.

Get My Look: 1. A knee-length, pale-toned, embellished dress. 2. A vest that brings out the color in the pale-toned dress. 3. Any clunky heel.