STYLE GURU STYLE: Effortlessly Campus Ready

STYLE GURU STYLE: Effortlessly Campus Ready

Hi guys! Welcome to another peak into my personal style along with tips every Fashionista/o needs in their arsenal. Since most of my days are either spent walking around campus or hustling at my work place, I need outfits that are not only functional for multiple activities but stylish… of course!

The first step in executing the perfect effortless look is to plan in advance. When it comes to getting ready for those early classes, I would be nothing without this first step. Planning in advance gives you the opportunity to work out all the kinks of your outfit. When deciding the night before, you have time to check the weather, pair different pieces and figure out the best possible way to wear your look!

My next step would be to figure out your go-to outfit, meaning a combination of your favorite types of clothing in a way that suits your personal aesthetic. For example, my casual go-to can sometimes be a cardigan, T-shirt/blouse and denim. This works for me because that type of outfit can easily be worn to both class and work. Being that my go-to is pretty simple, I’m also able to interchange the types of shoes I’d want to wear, mainly depending on the weather.

With those two steps alone I’m able to always look my best no matter how early my days starts! As you can see here, I followed my template and went for something that is comfortable for all day wear but also fashionable. Band T-shirts have been a huge hit this winter season, and although I am terribly ashamed of not knowing one song by The Who, in my defense it was the colors of the shirt that drew me in! So that makes it acceptable, right? Next, I paired my longline knit cardigan to give the look more texture and it works well with the t-shirt since they have the same colors. As for contrast, my crisp blue denim adds a nice pop of color with all the black and gray. Then just some taupe booties to round out the look and basically give the outfit balance.

My last step is definitely to accessorize! Just like with finding your go to template, having accessories that fit your wardrobe is very important too. For this look, I paired delicate gold chokers with layered stud earrings and my favorite stone ring to add color and shine. To me, having the right jewelry and handbag is really what can take your outfit from a B to an A+!

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